Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Times Square Shout out.

Just who are these people?
These poets,performers,and musicians.
Who meet in art centers,and bar& grills.

These free thinking minds who create art from the heart.
Resiting words intent on penetrating societies ear drum.
Yelling,screaming,pacing,hip swiveling voices of discontent.

Voices of dissatisfaction,joy and dismay.

These poets,performers,and musicians go about their day,as you and I.
What would make them want to come out and exchange thoughts of live and life.

What would make them want to take center stage and let their words fill the air about.
What would make them want to give Times Square a great big Shout Out.

Some of them basic,and fitting well into the norm,while others are outrageous and difficult to absorb.

I've heard talk of the Obsidians. The Hobo Bobs,and I hear they even have a Big Mike.

I've seen these artist abstractly act out. The circling Walters,and the swiveling Fishbanes.

Many come from near and far. To listen to something called Tawakwan.

Not far away there's a dark room with a bright atmosphere. Where they dance in the night. You may just catch them there.

They stand alone upon the stage,conveying thoughts of joy and pain.
A society not so secret. Welcoming all with out all the niceness.

Not when stories are told of bipedal monsters causing a mess.

These artist words are not simply read to impress.

But to inspire one to break free from the monotone of the rest.

Guitars,harmonicas,and even haiku.

Their work seems to embody societies quest for the truth.
Every act may not be as plain as day.
Still while society struggles for reasons to judge,these artist search for light,the path,and the way.

So as the Spunky cat woman spins to the groove,let them open their minds,to virgins like you...

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