Saturday, February 10, 2007

Waking up.

I've been late all my life. My mother had me when she was forty three. Not a big deal these days maybe,but back '58 it was. I was diagnosed as a tumor. Lucky me. I started school late and realized the importance of an education late. I jumped into the music business late,and returned to the big apple later than planned. Sexually it took me years to understand and accept being gay. I never wanted to be gay. I was already black,that was being plagued enough so I felt.

It took years for medical science to inform me that my brain was a little off. Now finally after years of gathering knowledge and going through the simple trials and tribulations of life,I have finally put it all together,(I hope). Finally I've awaken to and accepted the real. I found a love that just up until recently I wouldn't of given a second glance to. I was blinded by youthful beauty,and was narcissistic enough to think that even at age forty eight,I too could have a so-called,"Hottie".

A blond hair,blue eye, handsome freak that would sweep me off my feet,deal with my faults,be as intelligent as I expect,and love me,love,love me. Man that's gay. The real life has showed me that love doesn't come that way,and that most things,and realizations didn't arrived when expected,if at all. One has to wake up,and fill up with the experiences that life shows. Whatever. It was just a thought...

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